The Raven

A reading of The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe Here it is. Thanks eedTV for the suggestion. I’ve not really read poetry aloud before, always just to myself. So, this was a challenge. I will be doing more, and I plan to revisit this. Thank you everyone for all of your suggestions and support. much bliss -bill
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23 Responses to The Raven

  1. MardecGames says:

    I remember this poem from a simpsons episode. Well read

  2. Dac1011 says:

    Great reading Bill. How about the rime of the ancient mariner? I’ve heard burton do it and your voice has some similarities. Although not welsh obviously

  3. Dac1011 says:

    @Michelle Cooter I’ve Allways liked tinky winky myself

  4. nevahstoppin says:

    This is so epic haha

  5. HighestCalendar says:

    I always thought his voice and appearance (minus the beard) were very similar to Brian Cranston.

  6. imalietsu says:

    Truly wonderful, amazing voice:)

  7. vortbio says:

    A fantastic reading. I would like to hear you read more.

  8. wanderingwolfstar says:

    This is amazing!!! Your voice and delivery are just perfect. I am so relaxed, thank you!

  9. Michelle Cooter says:

    Awesome I really love your voice & I love Poe, My grandmothers last name was Poe & had always claimed he was her Great Great Uncle, & I thought it was so cool especially since my Birthday is the same as his, not to mention how much i love his work.
    thank you

  10. RichieRockets17 says:

    You should read “The Cast of Amontillado” by Edgar Allan Poe

  11. Gobothechairman says:

    It’s like your voice was made to read Poe. Another great video. Your voice, became a part of my routine, thank you Bill.

  12. asipes5 says:

    You should be doing voice overs on tv or something. This was great!

  13. Bill MaxVoxPax says:

    thanks, check out sleepy hollow… 😉

  14. Emma Vinchur says:

    We’ve begun reading Frankenstein in my AP Literature class… I think if I pictured Frankenstein telling his story in this voice it would all the most better and all the more frightening 🙂 This is wonderful, please read more poetry!

  15. Jamie Pritchard says:

    This is absolutely fantastic, favourite poem and such a relaxing voice.

  16. MacCunnyfunt says:


  17. Bill MaxVoxPax says:

    quite a compliment – thanks!

  18. asmrbear says:

    My favourite ever poem, this really is amazing. As I’m sure you know, you have a brilliant voice, I genuinely think it rivals James Earl Jone’s rendition of the poem in that old Simpson’s episode.

  19. vraydar says:

    I think Poe himself would have loved this.

  20. BigBennKlingon says:

    fantastic choice and great job. im loving the spooky asmr!

  21. TheKyraPoland says:

    reminds me of ‘The Crow’ movie/graphic novel 🙂

  22. sherbetstorm says:

    Such a fitting voice! You are amazing.

  23. Tobbeemee says:

    I liked this 🙂

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