Alan Parsons Project, The – The Fall Of The House Of Usher.wmv

Brilliant composition from one of the greatest prog rock bands ever. “The Fall of the House of Usher” in its entirety (Parts IV) from the album that started it all, 1976’s “Tales of Mystery and Imagination: Edgar Allen Poe” I do not own the rights to this music, and any and all copyrights belong to their respective owners (UMG).
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The Pendulum scene from the finale of ‘The Pit and the Pendulum’ (1961). Starring Vincent Price. Directed by Roger Corman. Written by Richard Matheson based on a story by Edgar Allen Poe.

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22 Responses to Alan Parsons Project, The – The Fall Of The House Of Usher.wmv

  1. Linea di equilibrio says:

    Una mezzanotte perfetta

  2. Giuliano Conserva says:

    this song is out of this ****ing world

  3. bdintent says:

    11:45 Start the magic!

  4. Adastra14 says:

    when i was 7 years old, my father told me to sit down on the sofa. he shut the lights and we were in complete darkness. then he turned on this album. and we listened to this album in silence. i am 28years old now ..and that experience was one of the most beautiful and memorable i ever had in all my life.

  5. Remro88 says:

    i suppose a piece should be considered as a whole, but i really and mainly like it from 11: only.

  6. lxlandia says:

    Happy Birthday Edgar Alan Poe: Jan 19-1809 – Oct 7-1849

  7. Robert Rudd says:

    well done the full version (2 me)

  8. Robert Rudd says:

    right on christmas has passed new years is tomorrow and a purer version has come forth verilly i say verillly is quiet virrile parson marry me!!!

  9. grevejp44 says:

    Happy Halloween! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  10. PS2freak11223 says:

    im actually reading the book while listening to this…

  11. rclaughlin says:

    An inversion of the old dark house cliche: this time the butler is the hero.

  12. Aleque says:

    what is the name of that execution method?

  13. RavnDream says:

    This scene alone puts a lot of Hammer Horror flicks to shame.

  14. silverbulletgirl29 says:

    From the eternal sea he rises creating armies on either shore, turning man against his brother until man exists no more. (Once we’ve expending our resources, and the population gets reaches its maximum capacity, the need for control will come to light to control crime, etc. and balance out rations.) I’ve even seen an upsidedown cross behind the Pope! ‘Come to ME for forgiveness.’ says the Pope. The Pope is not God & cannot forgive, only God can. I know the Beast! You r the Romans-Church!

  15. silverbulletgirl29 says:

    The Church ‘Beast Power’ will rise again just like it did in the past and like Hitler rising to kill off all the Jews, Christians will be sought out this time. The Spanish Inquisition, the Romans during Jesus’s time and Hitler have long devised a plan to control the world & the US into their own religious ideas and castins our personal views aside & to worship them & not God & his 10 commandments. It will come full circle anywhere from the year/s: 2014-6066! But the ‘mark’ is already is out!

  16. silverbulletgirl29 says:

    The Church & politicians are working together to make a dangerous govt. It will first start if & when Obama’s Health Care plan passes which is very communistic. If the US can force you to buy healthcare insurance, they can force you to use it, & then get microchipped against your will. Other countries have already been putting the Verichip and other brands of microchips into people. This is not fictious. See for yourself! The Beast is man’s total control over man w/o God & freewill!

  17. silverbulletgirl29 says:

    This is Hitler’s old symbol. You see, we are using the Nazis’ technology as of now in the United States. IBM was first seen used by the Nazis. The Beast will rise to power again. The Pope in the past & the Church took bribes from people to pay for their sins. Look at the Pope & Church now messing w/ little boys & doing sick things. They were some pagans that did worship the devil & the Church became tolerant & let all come into it, thus corrupting it w/sin. Womens’ rights are lost

  18. silverbulletgirl29 says:

    & use points to spend like credit instead of plastic cards and money. Rations will be devied out & once one has used up their share, the ‘temporary’ benefits will be no more. The will be able to use a satelite to ‘turn’ off undesirables & kill them via an electrical charge in the brain that kills quickly but w/ little or no pain. Perhaps shock the disobedient as ‘warnings’ to obey the Church & politicians, not GOD. The new ‘smart chip’ has 6dots6columns&6rows which forms a Swatstika

  19. silverbulletgirl29 says:

    The chip will be able to be read via handheld device, detectors, and satelite. It IS the ‘Mark of the Beast’ and it comes soon. It is in fact already out & being implanted online. See for yourself. The Church has us worship Sundays ‘the SUN’ like the Mayans. Saturday is the SABBATH day that God wanted us to remember not Sunday. The Church has already established its religious laws on us, esp. women. The chip in people can & will be used to track us, keep records, do away w/currency

  20. silverbulletgirl29 says:

    Scary stuff. The Roman Catholic Church is rising to power again like it did during the Spanish Inquisition murdering thousands of innocents villagers, pagans, and some criminals. They would lower the pendulum little by little in order to get a ‘confession’ of witchcraft or devil worship practice out of people. They also burned cats in baskets esp. black ones. The Church is the ‘Beast’ we read about in the Bible. It will soon issue a microchip or the politicians will to be implanted in all.

  21. Steve Carras says:

    The casstle from that 1966 Gilligan episode where the nutty doc tries to take our castaways to his island was lifted from this!

  22. 56negrete says:

    What a frightening scene! Vinnie at best!

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